Safety Above All Else

At Ragnar Benson, we prioritize the safety of our people and the public on each and every one of our projects. Learn more about our robust safety program and commitment to the well-being of those we work with.

Safety Awards

  • 2016 – NRC Platinum Level Safety Award
  • 2016 – Builders Association Safety Award
  • 2017- The Kansas City Southern Mossville Yard expansion project received the 2017 award for Large Project of the Year by the National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association (NRC)
  • 2017 – NRC Platinum Level Safety Award
  • 2018 – NRC Platinum Level Safety Award
  • 2019 – NRC Platinum Level Safety Award
  • 2021 – NRC Platinum Level Safety Award
  • 2022 – Safety Recognition Award | Chicagoland AGC Safety Awards Program
  • 2022 – NRC Platinum Level Safety Award

Safety measures

Safety measures speaking

We Care

This program was developed to ensure that safety remains a top priority and a corporate value. The We Care program focuses on key elements: training, leadership, planning, communication, and Stop Work Responsibility. Ragnar Benson firmly believes that our people are our most important asset, and we want to foster a culture of caring on our projects to ensure that everyone is safe and incident-free. We are committed to providing all the necessary resources and tools to ensure every team member is cared for, no matter where or when they perform a task. We will not compromise on our safety values.

RB We Care